Work-Life Balance
in Clinical Trials


Increase your business development potential and gain immediate control over all management processes in your Site Management Organization and the clinical trials run in your Site.

SMO growth = CTS

= cutting edge Clinical Trials Solution

When you have our Clinical Trials Solution on your side, your Site management becomes simple. Without CTS, your 365/24/7 supervision barely keeps things in place. You go on vacations, you take your business with you.

We are here to help you by combining two unique solutions:


It automatizes processes to free resources and personal involvement. It saves its users the trouble of remembering about dates and phases, payments, invoices and data bases. It supports planning and reliable performance in your Site Management Organization and clinical trials.


It retrieves data on your SMO’s performance and informs about planned tasks and the people responsible. It sends feedback on completed actions to Site Managers (and/or the business owner) and the person who performed the given task. CTS controls just about everything related with key performance indicators (excluding patients medical data).

You can be in full control of your SMO today or you can let your SMO control you. It’s your call.

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    • Full managerial control over clinical trials

      Pull the strings and manage your business consciously using hard facts.

    • Higher efficiency and better result

      Gain better results with less personal involvement into your everyday business operations.

    • Study visits completed faster

      Shorten the clinical study time by managing flowcharts, patient paths and study visits more effectively.

    • More studies with even less resources employed

      Increase your SMO’s potential without significant investments. Just set things in place and free your resources.

    • Operations standardization and automatization

      Repeat your tasks exactly the same way. Forget about automated tasks, as they will not require your team anymore.

    • Management Control – wherever you are

      Monitor your business whenever and wherever you want with push type reporting

    • Budget maintenance

      Control your expenditures and revenues, increase your liquidity, don’t allow your projects to leak money.

    • Continuous information flow

      Always up-to-date and genuine picture of your business thanks to continuous tracking of all the key operations.


The SMO - and Sponsor-level Clinical Trial Management System.

It realigns and organizes all relevant SMO’s processes, speeds up clinical trials, boosts revenues and cuts costs.

The managerial component is powered by BI-class proprietary information system, which is based on top notch and scalable architecture, devoted to support SMOs growth.